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Five Amazing Pink Two-Colour Combinations for Bedroom

Pink paint schemes for the bedroom walls or other pink colour combinations provide a relaxing ambience. Pink is one of the most widely used colours for bedroom walls. This soft, delicate tint adds a touch of delicacy and refinement to any space. Choosing the right pink wall colour combinations, though, can be difficult. Pink is a colour that goes well with different interior design styles, such as retro, contemporary, minimalist, Grecian, Victorian, Scandinavian, and more. Dual-hued walls with lighter colours on top and darker tones on the bottom give the illusion that a space is larger.

Two-colour combinations for bedroom, when used correctly, can provide the best contrast. While light colours make a room appear spacious, dark colours give the impression that the space is smaller. Choose wall paints in soft pink tones with understated finishes for a relaxing bedroom.

To help you choose the right pink two-colour combinations for bedroom, experts at PaintMyWalls, one of the top exterior and interior house painters in Kolkata and Bangalore, have listed five of the most stunning pink two-colour combinations for bedrooms. Lighter pinks, gentle greens, lavender, light blues, and white all work together to create a calming ambience in the bedroom. Choose whether you want pink to be an accent hue or a neutral one.

For a complete aesthetic look, avoid flowery patterns, delicate frill pillow covers, pink bedding, and other feminine touches, and use coral pink with brown or teal instead. In addition, select a wall pattern for the bedroom.

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10 Tricks for Painting Your Home’s Exterior

A fresh coat of exterior paint can transform even the most run-down “fixer-upper” into a stylish “classic,” dramatically boosting curb appeal and adding thousands of dollars to your home’s resale value. Even if you’re not trying to sell your house, a professional-grade exterior paint job can protect it from the elements — wind, rain, mold and mildew — or at the very least, make your neighbors jealous.