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We have been providing unmatched aircon servicing in the region for years with the mission of providing our customers with a quality lifestyle. Using up to the minute practices and methods, our services are reliable as well as effective. Ranging from aircon overhaul to chemical wash, we know that the needs of customers are different so we cater to them all.

Normal servicing is essential at least once in 3 months. However, you must also remember that other than getting service to maintain your unit, you never know when you may need repair or other related Aircon services. We know that the needs of customers are diverse. That’s why we offer a complete variety of Aircon servicing that cater to the needs of people facing different air conditioning problems.Since you can find all kinds of Aircon services with us, you will be able to save much time.

  • Normal servicing
  • Aircon Installation
  • Troubleshooting.
  • Parts replacement
  • Gas top up
  • Chemical Wash.
  • Aircon Chemical overhaul.
  • VRV System

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